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Become a corporate partner

By becoming a sponsor of the Musée Unterlinden, you associate your company’s name with that of a prestigious cultural institution, renowned throughout France and worldwide, while gaining access to a wide audience and reaping numerous advantages.


Why become a partner of the Musée Unterlinden?


An attractive geographic location


By associating your company’s name with the Musée Unterlinden, you gain access to a large audience. The Musée Unterlinden boasts one of the highest attendance figures among all regional fine arts museums in France, with more than 200,000 visitors annually. Lying between Strasbourg and Basel, not far from Freiburg and Mulhouse, the Musée Unterlinden attracts a varied audience of local, national and international visitors.  


A unique museum setting with prestigious collections


The museum is home to a magnificent group of paintings and sculptures from the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The museum’s best-known work is the Isenheim Altarpiece, painted by Grünewald and sculpted by Niclaus of Haguenau in the early 16th century.  


The museum also exhibits to the public a very special collection of archaeological artefacts, including an exceptional gold bracelet, a Gallo-Roman mosaic, decorative art objects featuring precious gold and silver treasures, as well as a collection of folk arts and traditions paying tribute to everyday life in Alsace.


Furthermore, the museum boasts a very extensive modern art collection, continually enriched thanks to major acquisitions and gifts, offering a panorama of French 20th century art, from Impressionism to Abstraction (Monet, Bonnard, Magnelli, de Staël, Dubuffet, Poliakoff, etc.). 


The very architecture of the museum is another genuine attraction for visitors. The museum’s collections are housed on the site of the former Dominican convent of Unterlinden, dating from the 13th century.


Your company as partner and sponsor of the Musée Unterlinden!


By associating your company with the Musée Unterlinden, you:


-        Help to develop the attractiveness of your region,

-        Associate the name of your company with prestigious projects,

-        Enhance your company’s image among your clients through your association with a cause in the public interest,

-        Reinforce the mutual commitment of your employees around an enriching and unifying project,

-        Set yourself apart from your competitors by fortifying your own identity and your own corporate culture.


Advantageous tax regime


Under the Law of 1 August 2003, you enjoy a tax deduction of 60% on the value of your contribution on behalf of the museum.  


For further information: Law of 1 August 2003




An agreement concluded between your company and the Société Schongauer lists the mutual obligations of both parties in relation to the action in question: the project, the resources and the benefits (whose value may correspond to as much as 25% of the amount of your gift). Once your contribution has been received, we will be able to supply a tax receipt and offer you the agreed benefits.


Types of sponsorship opportunities

You may elect to support the museum in accordance with your wishes, your resources, or the specific nature of your company: a financial contribution, a contribution in kind, or the sharing of skills or expertise.


Which type of sponsorship project would best serve your interests?


The Musée Unterlinden is a constantly evolving institution, offering its public a host of varied cultural events and activities, with which your company may be associated as a sponsor:


- Enrichment of the collections

Help the museum to acquire a specific work of art and contribute to the enrichment of its collections.


- Cultural and educational events and activities

Support the museum’s commitment to outreach by sponsoring its cultural and educational events and activities: concerts, lectures, theatrical performances, games and programmes for students offered by the Educational Resources department.


- Adopt one of the museum’s sculptures

An innovative sponsorship opportunity: adopt one of the museum’s statues and associate your company’s name with a work in need of restoration. You thus become an active participant in the safeguarding of French cultural heritage.


Construction-related sponsorship opportunities are addressed in the context of the museum’s expansion project


- Exhibitions

Make your presence known at a singular moment in the appreciation of an artist, a period or a technique.


- Communications and publications

Take part in building the museum’s worldwide reputation: publications, translations into English and German, and assistance with communications materials related to exhibitions.


- Accessibility action plans

Make the museum accessible to all, thanks to special guided tours and specific facilities. Expand the museum’s educational programme and enable visitors with limited mobility to explore the entire museum.


- Unterlinden 2013 

Take part in an ambitious project certain to build Colmar’s attractiveness to visitors and its renown: 2,500 square meters of additional exhibition space! New galleries, with modernised exhibition spaces designed to offer more interactive visits, new state-of-the-art technical facilities better equipped for the study of the conservation of works of art. Creation of an auditorium, a new museum shop and a restaurant.


We are counting on your support!


For any further information, please contact:

Violène Verduron


Tel.: +33 (0)3 89 20 10 30

Fax: +33 (0)3 89 41 26 22



Become a corporate partner

A visit to the Isenheim Altarpiece as part of a private reception, Musée Unterlinden, Colmar.