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Sponsorship in brief

What is cultural sponsorship?


Sponsorship is a simple action, accessible to all companies and offering considerable advantages. In practice, it involves a cash gift, the sharing of skills or expertise, or a contribution in kind in support of organisms and initiatives in the public interest. 


At the Musée Unterlinden, sponsorship opportunities are offered in the following areas: the protection, enrichment and promotion of the museum’s collections, temporary exhibitions, cultural and educational programmes, accessibility action plans, the museum’s expansion project.



What is the legal framework in France?


The Law of 1 August 2003 relating to sponsorship created a very attractive tax regime for these contributions; it allows companies to deduct 60% of the amount of their gift, in an amount not to exceed 0.5% of their pre-tax revenue. This tax benefit reduces the cost of sponsorship to 40% of the amount actually paid.


The law also allows companies to receive benefits in exchange for their contributions, in the areas of communications and public relations, not to exceed 25% of the amount of the gift.


In sum, sponsoring companies receive a tax deduction of 60% together with 25% in benefits, an overall advantage corresponding to 85% of the amount of the gift!


For further information: Law of 1 August 2003


Additional advantages for cultural sponsorship


Specific, highly advantageous measures (resulting in tax deductions of as much as 90% of the gift amount for the acquisition of a national treasure to the benefit of a public collection) have been instituted in favour of French cultural heritage, the protection and enrichment of public collections, contemporary art, musical practice, live performances, etc.


For further information: Learn more, advantages



What’s in it for my company?


There are three major benefits to be drawn from sponsorship:


- It is an ideal and different way to communicate: externally, your sponsorship action in favour of the museum may be used in the context of your communications with your clients and partners, as much through various communications materials as through the museum premises made available to you for private functions. Internally, sponsorship allows you to raise awareness among your employees and involve them in support of a cause in the public interest.


- It is a way to reaffirm your values and put your skills and expertise to work for the public good. Sponsorship gives you an opening to activities beyond the scope of your company’s day-to-day activities. It promotes new values within your company and encourages the integration of the company in its cultural, social or physical environment. 


- It is a way to support local cultural development and thus to help boost the attractiveness of your region!


For any further information, please contact:

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Sponsorship in brief

View of the Salle Capitulaire, home to sculptures from around 1500, Musée Unterlinden, Colmar.