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How to use the museum

The Educational Resources department is staffed by three visual arts and art history teachers, who develop educational materials, learning games and other activities relating to the museum’s collections that may be used by colleagues with their classes. They also invite teachers interested in visiting the museum with their class to attend scheduled workshops designed to assist them in planning their visit. Teachers are encouraged to contact the museum’s Educational Resources personnel, who will be happy to discuss any specific needs.


Two main reasons to bring your class to the museum:

- To discover the museum and allow your students to encounter works of art in all aspects of their physical reality (format, colours, materials, thickness, to name a few).

- To carry out a specific project (in relation to a particular section of the curriculum).


Several ways for your class to get the most out of their museum visit:

- Use the information sheets for the museum’s permanent collections and temporary exhibitions available for download.

- Make use of the museum’s learning games and activities.

- Take a guided tour of the collections with a guide from the Colmar Office of Tourism.

- Use the museum’s audioguides (rental fee of €3 per student if from the Académie de Strasbourg and thus benefiting from free admission).


Prepare your class visit in advance:

- Ask for a free educator’s pass to visit the museum on your own, available upon request by telephoning our Education Resources personnel or by sending an e-mail.

- Make use of our educational packets as well as other publications available on loan from the Educational Resources department.

- Make an appointment with a member of the Educational Resources staff during office hours.


After the museum visit

Activities suggested in the educational packets may be used to draw on the museum experience in class.



Registration is mandatory before coming to the museum with your class. You may either:

1) Call call the museum ticket sales staff (+33 (0)3 89 20 15 58) to make sure that the desired date and time slot are available.

2) Download the reservation form at least two weeks before your visit, fill it in and send it to us by e-mail, fax or postal mail.


Usual length of the museum visit

One and a half hours is the ideal amount of time, or less for young children.


Specific regulations

The teacher and other accompanying adults must make certain that the students do not touch any of the works of art or hinder the circulation of other visitors in the galleries and that they respect the premises. They are also responsible for monitoring the group’s behaviour during the visit (no running, no shouting). Handbags and backpacks must be left at the check room.


How to get in touch with our Educational Resources staff

By telephone (+33 (0)3 89 20 22 73), on Mondays from 11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m., on Wednesdays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and on Friday from 10 a.m. to noon, by e-mail, by postal mail (1, rue d’Unterlinden, F-68000 Colmar FRANCE) or by fax (+33 (0)3 89 41 26 22).


Admission fees

Admission to the museum is free of charge for children under 12 and for all students of the Académie de Strasbourg as well as those from Land Baden-Württemberg (primary, secondary and university students).

How to use the museum

Visiting the Isenheim altarpiece, 2012